Wednesday Handout Link
Trauma Care of the Geriatric Patient - Karin de la Pena, BSN, RN, CFRN, NREMT No Slides
Bridging the Digital Divide: Using Computer Technology as a Prevention for Suicide Among the Aging - Debbie Gilbert, LPCC No Slides
Are Geriatric Patients Really Special? - Kim Croley, PharmD, LDE, BCGP, FASCP, FAPhA No Slides
Home Health and Hospice: What is the Difference? - Victoria Smith No Slides
Friday Handout Link
Reducing the Stigma Surrounding Substance Use Disorders - Ashley McCarty No Slides
Both Sides of the Coin: When the Patient Becomes the Provider ~ Lily Silverstein, UKCON RN BSN Student No Slides
Updates from the Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with Vaping ~ Elizabeth Anderson Hoagland, MPH No Slides
The COVID-19 Epidemic, The History of How We Got Here, How To Prevent Spread, and What Are Future Strategies - Kevin Kavanagh, MD No Slides
Legal Aspects of Medical Documentation - Napier Gault Schupbach & Stevens, PLC No Slides
Keeping Up With the COVID Craziness: A (Hopefully) Brief Overview of the Current Pandemic Ryan P. Mynatt, PharmD, BCPS-ID No Slides
Thursday Handout Link
Non-Compliance in Community Health Interventions ~ Angela Brumley-Shelton, MA, MPH, CTTS No Slides
Compassion Fatigue - Karen Saylor, MD No Slides
Palliative care for the Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) patient in the ICU Said Chaaban, MD No Slides
The Role of DME in the Continuum of Care - Sandy Stone, RRT, RPSGT, RRT-SDS No Slides
Building the Future Workforce - Kamran Hasni, MD No Slides
Critical Communication in the ICU - Parijat Sen, MD No Slides
COPD: Diagnosis & Management ~ Malik M. Khurram S. Khan, MD No Slides