We make every effort to provide safe housing while you are on rotation. Some area housing is in a hotel/motel setting. In instances like this, your housing stipend will not cover the entire expense.

    Prior to your arrival, you will need to let the Student Coordinator know the days you wish housing provided so a room can be arranged.

    There is a possibility that you will share a room with another student (same gender). When the housing stipend has been spent, the remaining amount for your student(s) housing is the student(s) responsibility. If AHEC arranges housing for you, any changes or cancellations should be made by AHEC. You should contact the student coordinator if such changes are necessary.

    Room Assignments: You may be sharing facilities with other students and/or host families. You are to occupy only the area assigned to you and as furnished. Requests for changes may be made through the Student Coordinator at the Southern Kentucky AHEC Office. Occasionally you may be asked to move to another housing site, but this would be a rare occurrence. No pets, alcohol, or smoking is allowed in any AHEC arranged housing.

    Keys: You will be given a key to the house/apartment. These keys are your responsibility, and the property of the landlord. You will be required to pay $10.00 for every key lost or not returned. Return your key to the same place you received it.

    Bathrooms: You may be sharing facilities. You should keep personal Housekeeping items in your room. You must clean up after using any rooms or utensils in the housing site. You are required to maintain general cleaning procedures.

    Telephone: Usually, there are no charges for local calls. Long distance calls will be the student’s responsibility. You will need either a calling card or need to call collect.

    Personal Accidents: The Southern Kentucky AHEC, Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center and the host housing facility is/are not responsible for personal accidents or personal belongings while you are in the housing facility or on the housing grounds.

    Privileges: The housing facility is provided for your comfort and these arrangements are contingent on your compliance with the "House Rules". Remember that you are staying in a residential neighborhood and professional behavior must be maintained.

    Guests & Use of Property: There are no overnight guests permitted in AHEC arranged housing. While staying in AHEC arranged housing the use of appliances are at your own risk.

    ***If you are in private homes the site may have additional rules*** t