Please note: It is your responsibility to read all documents before starting rotation.

    Southern Kentucky Area Health Education Center guidelines to follow in preparing for rotation

    Check with your respective schools to confirm your rotation and check to see if preceptor is an approved Voluntary Faculty Member.

    After receiving your assignment, call the necessary people prior to arriving: preceptors, housing site, and AHEC Student Coordinator.

    Note: The Student Coordinator is the contact person for changing any arrangements made on your behalf. Please feel free to contact him/her with any questions about your preceptor, AHEC housing, or your rotations in general.

    You must have a tentative schedule of the clinical rotations you will be assigned to. Some have their schedules set prior to your arrival. This schedule must be given to the Student Coordinator within the first two days you are out on rotation.

    If AHEC does not arrange your housing, a contact phone number and address must be given to the Student Coordinator for contact purposes or emergencies. This information may be put on your fact sheet.

    You must remember that you are representing the University, your Department, your Preceptor, Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center and the AHEC. Professional behavior is expected at all times while you are on rotation..

    REMEMBER: While you are on rotation, the Student Coordinator is your contact person for any difficulties that may arise while on rotation. Please call the AHEC Office at: 1-800-711-0291.

    AHEC Staff Is Available To:

    • Provide you with and affordable housing arrangements while on rotation in the region.

    • Provide you with an orientation to the region, site and clinical facility prior to beginning of rotation.

    • Make available to you any appropriate continuing education being coordinated in the region during the clinical rotation.

    • While on rotation, you will be contacted by the AHEC Student Coordinator by phone or in person. Throughout the rotation there will be opportunities to meet other student-residents from other disciplines and schools.

    • Provide you with pertinent information regarding job openings in our region.

    • Provide you with opportunities to interact with local organizations, professional groups, and the community while you are on your educational rotation.