University of Kentucky Housing & Stipend Information

  • University of Kentucky students completing away rotations will be provided with housing in the community of their rotation. The majority of housing sites in our region are private housing – meaning staying in someone's home. In most sites, you have a private bedroom, access to the kitchen and most do offer a private bathroom, while there are some that offer a separate home near the owners or basement apartment for student use.

    You pay the housing host $100.00/week. You must pick up your housing check from the UK AHEC office before you come out on rotation. You are responsible for your own meals and picking up after yourself. Some housing sites have "house rules" such as no loud music/TV past a certain hour, no food in the bedroom, etc.

    All students must have their housing hosts complete a Rent Receipt which can be found at

    More information about University of Kentucky’s housing and stipends, as well as general rotation information is available at